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Riddle: Three Doors, 1 Prize

You are on a gameshow and the host shows you three doors. Behind one door is a suitcase with $1 million in it, and behind the other two doors are sacks of coal. The host tells you to choose a door, and that the prize behind that door will be yours to keep.

You point to one of the three doors. The host says, "Before we open the door you pointed to, I am going to open one of the other doors." He points to one of the other doors, and it swings open, revealing a sack of coal behind it.

"Now I will give you a choice," the host tells you. "You can either stick with the door you originally chose, or you can choose to switch to the other unopened door."

Should you switch doors, stick with your original choice, or does it not matter?

Intuitions are misleading on this riddle. Think about a similar situation where instead of 3 doors, there are 100 doors (still with only 1 good prize).

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