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Riddle: Three Childrens' Ages

A deliveryman comes to a house to drop off a package. He asks the woman who lives there how many children she has.

"Three," she says. "And I bet you can't guess their ages."

"Ok, give me a hint," the deliveryman says.

"Well, if you multiply their ages together, you get 36," she says. "And if you add their ages together, the sum is equal to our house number."

The deliveryman looks at the house number nailed to the front of her house. "I need another hint," he says.

The woman thinks for a moment. "My youngest son will have a lot to learn from his older brothers," she says.

The deliveryman's eyes light up and he tells her the ages of her three children. What are their ages?

Given her hint about the value of their ages multiplied together, what are the different possibilities for their ages?

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