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Who was murderer
posted by pinguhash - October 18 2012 03:26:38 AM
I spent some time writing it...

There lives a Mr. Single in a square house, he was found dead on Monday morning. Police asked everyone what they were doing...

Sweeper said "I was cleaning the corner."
Mailman said "I was delivering the post."
Wife said "I was drying clothes in Veranda"
Niece said "I was looking at the sunrise"

Police caught the Culprit... How?
Reply by chilidog - October 20 2012 09:35:44 PM
The name Mr. Gives me the clue that the dead man is single. So the wife ins't actually a wife, because Mr. Single is not married.

The wife is the killer.

Reply by pinguhash - October 22 2012 12:39:18 AM
Yeah, correct, well actually 'single' is not dead man's name... it is "There lives a Mr. who is single"

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