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Who Murdered Him 7?
posted by Sifat - January 28 2011 11:08:33 PM
Detective Wesley carefully examined the scene before him. He was in a hotel room about 3 miles from the victim's home. The victim's body lay in front of him peacefully on the bed. It was January 7th, 3:15 PM, the body was discovered by a hotel maid. The man's name was Sean Donovin. He was in his late twenties, a successful business owner, a Sunday school teacher, and was soon to be married. The detective shook his head in disgust. He whispered to himself, "Why would anyone commit suicide when they had everything going for them?"

The detective saw this as suspicious. The only potential suspects would have to be people he trusted. According to testimony from his coworkers and friends, he only trusted 3 people: his sister, Hannah, who was very close with the victim and who often assisted him while he taught at the local church; his brother, John, who owned a smaller, semi-successful business; and his fiance, Jenna.

The apparent cause of death was by injection of poison. At least his death was peaceful, the detective thought. The detective continued to search the hotel room, when he stumbled upon a suicide note. It read:

Jan 04/2009 4:10 AM

My loved ones,

Jenna, Sis, John, I would just like to tell you how sorry I am. Blame God for why I am to die today. Blame Him. Seek Him if you want to know why I did leave you. Do not mourn my death. Please move on.



The detective saw this letter as somewhat suspicious. His last words were abrupt, almost impersonal. Why would a Sunday school teacher blame God?

The body was taken in for medical examination. Days later, the coroner would determine that the body died from a poison which killed instantly. The coroner would also determine that the body was only dead a mere 3 hours before it was discovered.

The detective then realized that the date and time used on the note were completely false. All 3 of those mentioned in the letter agreed the handwriting was indeed Sean's.

The detective realized that the identity of the murderer was given inside the suicide note. After a thorough examination of the note, Detective Wesley quickly arrested the murderer.

Who was it?
Reply by Caprico - January 29 2011 09:41:54 AM
Hey, this is being unfair. I was looking for good riddles, and I came across this one on the internet. It requires you to know the Bible. Please be fair with your riddles, coz not everyone has read the Bible in the world.
I like solving riddles that require you to think, and search for clues in the riddle itself, and are not based on your GK.

Reply by Boiler - June 26 2012 08:01:31 PM
The riddle's completely fair. And, while having some knowledge of the Bible MIGHT help, maybe this is a chance for some of ya'll to research certain verses..... just sayin' ;)

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