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Who Murdered Him 5?
posted by Sifat - January 28 2011 01:28:02 AM
The police were checking the place. Outside, Mary, Mr. Olson's faithful secretary, was a mass of nerves. Inspector Will was reviewing the facts:
1. Mr. Olson has been murdered. The murderer buried a stiletto through the back of the chair and right through his heart.
2. All the place was a mess, but nothing seems to be lost. Some sheets on his desk had coffee stains, but Mr. Olson was not a coffee drinker. There was no coffee container of any kind in the office. There were a couple of gloves in the floor.
3. Mary had in her visit book just three announcements: Hari Colton (2:35), Louis Williams (3:10) and Joseph Markis (3:45). Mary says that Joseph was the only one to serve himself a cup of coffee in a paper cup.
4. The cup of coffee was found in Mary's wastebasket. She claims that Joseph entered Mr. Olson's office with the cup in his hands, and then he left it in her desk, so she took it and threw it away.
5. The stiletto had no fingerprints at all, but the paper cup was all covered with one type of fingerprint: Joseph's (they had a mobile fingerprint lab).
6. Mr. Olson's wristwatch was broken, probably due to the fight, and it showed the time at 3:50.

Inspector Will then talked to Mary, to tell her she was under arrest.
Why did he suspect her?
Reply by Caprico - January 28 2011 04:02:35 AM
Because if she threw Joseph's cup, it should have had her fingerprints also. This indicates that she had gloves on, which is kind of suspicious. Yay! I got it in the first try! :D Am I right?

Reply by Sifat - January 28 2011 04:08:36 AM
There are 3 reasons. This is one of the reasons. Would u like to inspect the other two yourself or will i tell u?

Reply by Caprico - January 28 2011 04:19:11 AM
Hmm... Joseph was a guy, right? Only a woman would have been able to murder with a stiletto and get away with it without arousing suspicion.
His appointments were of 35 minutes each. If his watch is broken at 3:50, that's just plain strange.

Are any of these two right?

Reply by Sifat - January 28 2011 08:09:23 AM
1. The watch could not have been broken during a fight. It was clear that there was not a fight because Mr. Olson was stabbed in the back through his chair. So, the time was a setup.
2. The mess and the coffee was a setup, because there was no fight and it would be a little difficult for Joseph to enter and put on some gloves to fight with a cup of coffee in his hands
3. The last proof is that the cup of coffee only had one type of fingerprints. If Mary touched the cup (which she says she did), there should be some fingerprints of hers on it, unless she was wearing some gloves.
So, you were partially right i can say. Fine.

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