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Who Murdered Him 3?
posted by Sifat - January 21 2011 10:31:13 AM
Ray Whitcombe is found dead in his office at his desk. The police have narrowed the suspects down to three people: Mrs. Barbara Whitcombe, Ray's wife; Mr. Jason McCubbins, Ray's business partner; and Mr. Harold Nichols, Ray's best friend. All three visited Mr. Whitcombe the day of his murder, but all three provide the police with stories of explanation as to the reason for their visit. Police found Mr. Whitcombe with his wrist watch still on his right arm, a torn up picture of his wife laying on the floor beside the trash can, and an ink pen in his right hand. On the desk, the police found a name plate, a telephone that was off the hook, and a personal calendar turned to the July 5th page with 7B91011 written on it. After examining this evidence, the police knew their suspect. Who was it?
Hint- Think Wisely.
Reply by Caprico - January 21 2011 10:36:37 AM
Its his business partner. People who wear their watch on their right arm are usually left handed. Which means he wrote the message in a hurry. Which indicates that he must have made some mistake, which is the B, it is supposed to be an 8. This makes 7 8 9 10 11. If he was referring the calender, it must be something to do with months. Thus July, August, September, October, November. Initials of each month give JASON!

Reply by Sifat - January 21 2011 10:48:25 AM
Right. Did u know them are really are guessing?

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