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Who is the murderer?
posted by Sifat - January 26 2011 06:43:35 AM
n a horrible castle (not too far away from your home) there lived a horrible Duke with his horrible wife and their horrible servants. One morning the Duke was dead–murdered by one of the other horrible people living in the castle.
When the residents of the castle were interviewed by the police, every person gave two correct answers and told one lie. This is what they said:

The Duchess///
I didn’t kill the Duke.
The gardener killed my husband.
I’m not guilty.
The Cook///
It wasn’t me.
I have been working here for 27 years.
The butler knows who’s done it.
The Butler///
I am not the murderer.
The chambermaid is my witness; we were playing cards in the kitchen last night.
The Duke was killed by the cook.
The Chambermaid///
I didn’t do it.
I wasn’t even here last night.
The gardener did it.
The Gardener///
The Duchess is lying when she says that I did it.
I am innocent.
The butler is the murderer

Who is the murderer?
Reply by Caprico - January 27 2011 02:02:40 AM
The Cook is the murderer?

Reply by Sifat - January 28 2011 01:09:07 AM
No...The cook is out. So, 4 more peple left. Read carefully and choose one more person. I will tell u the right answer after your next reply for sure(as if u give the wrong answer then it won't be nice to try between the rest 3 out of 5)So, guess another person now.

Reply by blitzkin - February 16 2011 06:05:51 PM
come one! its the cook...

Reply by Sifat - February 17 2011 01:29:26 AM
It's the butler...

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