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who is he?
posted by Ragib - April 15 2011 02:26:09 PM
cool n awesome but patient also rational being intelligent rather cagey again optimistic.i know the person.he is really good.who's he?
Reply by MrAnkawi - April 17 2011 02:21:11 PM
21eyes? lol, just being foolish.

Reply by Ragib - April 17 2011 08:16:23 PM
no,are you new?

Reply by Caprico - April 17 2011 10:38:36 PM
Oh no, he's not new at all! He's been here more than we have, almost since the beginning of these forums...

Reply by Ragib - April 18 2011 04:40:29 AM
i see.but caprico,try solving the riddle.

Reply by Ragib - April 19 2011 09:54:16 AM
the person is caprico.take the initials of all the qualities.

Reply by Caprico - April 19 2011 11:55:54 AM
Thank you so much Ragib! I'm flattered! Thanks! :)

Reply by Ragib - April 19 2011 12:29:51 PM
i know you won't answer this.are you a boy or a girl?i thought that you might be a boy.why are you so shy of revealing identity?i like intelligent people and want to keep connected with them.

Reply by Caprico - April 20 2011 01:15:03 AM
I am a boy... As for my identity mystery, well, lets just let it be a mystery for now, I shall reveal it in due time...

Reply by Ragib - April 20 2011 02:16:02 AM
as your wish.i think you somedays ago said that you are getting ready for iit.that means you are indian.i have a doubt that you are punjabi(not sure though).

Reply by Kiola123 - May 30 2011 05:54:49 PM

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