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Who i am 1
posted by VinceAuric - April 17 2012 01:09:08 AM
I was born with wrinkled skin
dont hate me its not a sin
i'm eaten but kids hate me
don't you worry coz i'm healthy
Reply by budunk - April 18 2012 02:16:42 PM
[hide] Prunes? [/hide]

Reply by VinceAuric - April 21 2012 02:06:41 AM
nope! try again.. try to think about something green.

Reply by 21eyes - April 25 2012 08:40:15 AM

Reply by Keyboard - May 07 2012 06:08:04 AM
is it bitter? a bitter gourd? Ampalaya in filipino word.. hahahaha

Reply by VinceAuric - June 03 2012 02:15:21 AM
Keyboard correct.. in filipino may TAMA ka!

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