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Who has more brothers, boys or girls?
posted by Taketa - January 23 2011 12:01:54 PM
In family of five children, who has more brothers; the boys, the girls, or is it the same?
Reply by Taketa - January 23 2011 12:32:53 PM
Srry, I made a mistake in the answer, should be equal, since the chance of having 5 boys and 1 girl is not the same as the chance of having 3 boys and 2 girls for instance. If you count in the chances, it all evens out.

Reply by Caprico - January 25 2011 03:54:00 AM
lol, u gt confusd with ur own riddle? ur questn does not involve probability at all, then what r u blabbering abt chances being equal n al?

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