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Where To Be Buried ????
posted by Sifat - September 26 2009 09:42:07 AM
Simon Simpleton was born in London, England.
His mother was Welsh and his father Scottish.

When Simon was eight his mother died.

When Simon was ten his father married an Irish women and suddenly Simon had an Irish sister.

When Simon was twenty four he graduated as a lawyer and took a job in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He is now sixty six.

Why can he not be buried on the banks of Loch Lomond in his favourite village of Luss, in Bonnie Scotland?
Reply by Drakelar - March 14 2011 12:28:44 AM
His father probably died

Reply by Marc24 - July 06 2011 12:00:22 PM
He can't be buried because he's not dead yet.

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