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What happened in the restroom?
posted by SpaceHamsterBoo - April 23 2013 02:25:40 AM
The story happened in the restroom of a bar.
A drunken man (let's call him guy number1) entered the restroom to discharge those binge drinking he just had earlier in the bar. As he was taking a leak, some rustling noises appeared from the back. The drunken man sprung around and saw what appeared to be a janitor mopping the floor.
"Is there something wrong sir?" the janitor said.
"If you're going to mop the floor, keep that damn noise down. I can't go when there're noises." the drunkard said.
"Not a problem sir."
The drunken man finished his business and left the restroom.
Another man (guy number2) entered the restroom shortly after the drunkard left. He too noticed that there're some rustling noises on his back while he's taking a squirt. He looked about and saw the same janitor mopping the floor.
The janitor asked the same question.
"Is there something wrong sir?"
"No. None at all. I'll finish it as quick as possible!" The second guy said and went out of the restroom as fast as he could once he's done pissing.
The next morning in the news, the police confirmed that there had been a murder taking place in the bar and they found the body of the second guy.
Why is that? And what happened in the restroom?
Reply by Kratieness - April 24 2013 02:42:23 PM
this question is endless.

The guy2 was mugged and murdered
guy2 was killed by the janitor
guy2 had a heart attack
the janitor was moping up blood so he killed the guy.
The options are endless

Reply by SpaceHamsterBoo - April 25 2013 09:06:14 AM
1. no. guy 2 was not mugged.
2. yes guy 2 was killed by the janitor.
3. no he didnt have heart attack and the way he died was irrelevant.
4. a little bit closer, guy 2 found out that the janitor had committed a murder, but the janitor wasn't mopping the blood off, plus that didn't explain why the first guy hadn't found out about it.

Reply by Kratieness - April 25 2013 01:42:43 PM
well the first guy was drunk and maybe the janitor killed the first guy but they never found his body and the second guy did

Reply by SpaceHamsterBoo - April 29 2013 05:49:23 AM
1. the first guy indeed was very drunk.
2. no. the first guy didn't die. And the truth is the murderer almost made up his mind to kill him.
3. 2nd guy did find something that janitor did that got himself killed.

Reply by Klemon03 - May 27 2013 04:31:37 PM
[hide] what the is it?[/hide]

Reply by theboss - October 08 2013 08:44:32 AM
They peed on the floor when they got startled. janitor got fed up from always being nagged at for looking after their mistakes.

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