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We can
posted by parkjimount - February 06 2017 10:58:37 AM
We can use the clues to find your goal,
Clue number one: it’s a word español.
We can find the answer, the solution you seek,
If we find a letter for each day of the week.
We can work out the first, it’s small and it’s greeno,
Or what you need when you’ve drunk too much vino.
We can manage the second, (it’s also number six),
An expression of surprise thrown into the mix.
We can think of the third, just as soon as we know,
That it’s the second consonant in indigo.
We can scheme out the fourth, if we can recall,
What’s the most common letter of all?
We can get to the fifth, it’s in May but not June,
It’s in summer but not spring, not in sun but in moon.
We can fathom the final, it’s the third of the last,
The first of the second, the second of asked.
We can write the whole word now, I hope you’re not wrong,
The answer’s been under your nose all along.

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