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Two Buckets
posted by Jacob - May 29 2013 01:47:00 PM
You have two buckets. The first bucket can hold 3 gallons, and the second bucket can hold 5 gallons. You need exactly 4 gallons of water and you can only use these two buckets to measure it out. You cannot fill the buckets halfway or a quarter of the way because they are oddly shaped and it wouldn't be exact. How would you do it?
Reply by 21eyes - May 30 2013 07:17:19 AM
fill the 5 gallon bucket up. Pour 3 gallons into the other bucket. Empty the 3 gallon one. Pour the last 2 gaollons into the 3 gallon one. Fill the 5 gallon one again, and pour one gallon into the 3 gallon one.

Reply by theboss - October 08 2013 08:20:39 AM
Fill the 3 G pale. measure in time. add 1 third the time to the 5 g pale. bring both pales.

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