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The Thives
posted by Sifat - January 26 2011 06:51:29 AM
Mike Peters was surprised to see his window slide open and was positively shocked when he saw two strangers climb inside. What transpired next could only be described as a despicable act of thievery. Mike watched with rapt fascination as the two thieves systematically began to remove the priceless Persian carpets, artwork, and jewelry. Having stripped the room, the thieves climbed back out the window. Incredibly, Mike went back to what he had been doing before the thieves arrived and soon he'd forgotten about the entire incident. Why wouldn't Mike, who was in perfect health, have tried to stop the thieves or at the very least call the police after they had left?
Reply by Sifat - January 26 2011 06:51:55 AM
Hint- It's not only a riddle but also a mind trap.

Reply by Caprico - January 27 2011 01:59:03 AM
Hmm... I can come up with only this...

Mike is a thief too, and is ransacking the house. Thus, he he is rather fascinated, than shocked or scared.
He is moving to another place. The strangers were movers.
Its a movie scene.

This is all I can come up with. Please tell me one of them is right, or at least an appreciable attempt? :(

Reply by Sifat - January 28 2011 01:13:06 AM
No. Try once more and ya remember it's not only a riddle but also a mind trap.Your 1st and second attempt is wrong but 3rd attempt is somewhat like the answer. Your third answer is that it's false as it's a movie scene. But,in this riddle the answer is true and justified. Try again if u want and i will tell u the answer.

Reply by budunk - January 31 2011 01:53:34 PM
1) Mike Peters is dreaming.

2) Mike Peters was sleep walking.

3) Mike Peters was is paralyzed from the waste down and has amnesia.

Reply by budunk - January 31 2011 01:55:27 PM
Meant to say:
3) Mike Peters is paralyzed from the waist* down and has Alzheimer's disease*.

Reply by Sifat - February 01 2011 03:49:24 AM
Fine answers by budunk, u r close but the right answer is still little away. Think more what more could it be?It's a mind trick or brain trick u may say but off course with a justified answer.

Reply by budunk - February 01 2011 09:15:45 AM
4) Mike Peters is a fish or a dog or some sort of pet/animal

Reply by budunk - February 01 2011 11:33:34 AM
5) Mike Peters is a baby

Reply by Sifat - February 04 2011 10:13:07 PM
Mike Peters is a baby..

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