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The Sunday Morning Murder
posted by Sifat - September 25 2009 04:02:29 AM
A man was found murdered on Sunday morning. His wife immediately called the police. The police questioned the wife and staff and got these alibis:
The Wife said she was sleeping.
The Cook was cooking breakfast.
The Gardener was picking vegetables.
The Maid was getting the mail.
The Butler was cleaning the closet.

The police instantly arrested the murdered. Who did it and how did they know?
Reply by Drakelar - December 06 2010 03:11:31 AM
It's either his wife or he commit suicided

Reply by Caprico - January 01 2011 05:09:12 AM
[hide]It was the maid. You don't get mail on Sundays.[/hide]

Reply by Zvonecar13 - March 22 2012 01:20:23 PM
Maid,no maila on sunday

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