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The Sock Riddle
posted by Klemon03 - December 11 2012 02:06:07 PM
You have 12 black socks and 12 white socks mixed up in a drawer. You're up very early and it's too dark to tell them apart. What's the smallest number of socks you need to take out (blindly) to be sure of having a matching pair?
Reply by MattStephenKtm - December 11 2012 09:14:14 PM
3 socks. If the first sock is black, the second one could be black, in which case you have a matching pair. If the second sock is white, the third sock will be either black and match the first sock, or white and match the second sock.

Reply by Klemon03 - December 13 2012 03:50:24 AM

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