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The Servant's Wish
posted by Sifat - January 28 2011 03:58:00 AM
Once upon a time, in the West Lake village, a servant lived with his master. After service of about 30 years, his master became ill and was going to die. One day, the master called his servant and asked him for a wish. It could be any wish but just one. The master gave him one day to think about it. The servant became very happy and went to his mother for discussion about the wish. His mother was blind and she asked her son for making a wish for her eye-sight to come back. Then the servant went to his wife. She became very excited and asked for a son as they were childless for many years. After that, the servant went to his father who wanted to be rich and so he asked his son to wish for a lot of money. The next day he went to his master and made one wish through which all the three (mother, father, wife) got what they wanted. You have to tell what the servant asked the master.
Reply by Caprico - January 28 2011 04:09:36 AM
He just joined all the wishes in a very long sentence like "I want my mother to see with both her eyes, her grandson in a golden cradle surrounded with gold coins" or something of the sort.

Reply by Sifat - January 28 2011 04:11:49 AM
Ya something of the sort. But let me tell u, he granted onw wish in a single sentence not full stops. Remember he granted one wish, not wishes like your answer says...

Reply by Caprico - January 28 2011 04:14:13 AM
Ya, so you just need to be creative, and a bit of good, strong grammar will do the trick. I'm actually in no state to form the sentence, I just wanted to post the basic answer.

Reply by Sifat - January 28 2011 08:03:29 AM
The servant said, "My mother wants to see her grandson swinging on a swing of gold."
So, your thought was right i can say. This is the one simple tricky wish. Isn't it?

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