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The Rope and the Stairs
posted by Eon369 - February 14 2013 04:08:11 PM
A man is standing at the bottom of some stairs. The stairs are go up for five feet. The man has three feet ropes tied to each hand. Yet he makes it up the stairs how?
Reply by Lightonlightoff - February 16 2013 03:40:53 PM
If the rope is tied loosely, you can kick it off and go up.

Reply by Lightonlightoff - February 16 2013 03:53:45 PM
not kick, I mean shake

Reply by Eon369 - February 17 2013 03:38:14 AM
Well the ropes are just tied to his arms but you had the same idea, that is the answer.

Reply by GambitX3X - March 19 2013 12:43:39 PM
ropes are tied to his hands to nothing

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