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The River
posted by calais01 - March 09 2014 07:27:26 PM
One day a farmer asks you to take three things across the river in his boat, a fox, a chicken and a bag of chicken food. you can only take one thing acroos the river at a time and nothing can get eaten: not the fox, not the chicken and not the food.

What do you do?
Reply by TheMelonLord - March 24 2014 03:49:57 PM
Take the chicken over, then the food, bring the chicken back, take the fox over, then finally bring back the chicken.

Reply by RudyMC66 - February 13 2019 04:47:45 PM
Down the fox in the river, because what farmer needs a fox?? Foxes are agricultural pests.

Then take the chicken over, then the food ;-)

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