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The Question
posted by TheMelonLord - March 24 2014 03:47:55 PM
You wake up in a strange room. There is a note that reads the following: "There are two computers in the room, and two doors. One computer always speaks the truth, while the other one always speaks lies. One of the doors will lead to your freedom of the room, and the other one will lead to your ultimate demise." Now, you don't know which computer speaks what and what door lead where, but the note also says at the bottom: "You are only aloud one question to either one of the computers." What question should you ask?
Reply by Drinkyopie - March 27 2014 01:26:59 PM
What is my name

Reply by TheMelonLord - March 28 2014 04:28:21 PM
No, sorry.

Reply by 27156 - April 11 2014 03:03:25 AM
IF I ask other computer about right door ,what would he reply?

Reply by insertcleverphrase - March 11 2015 06:15:26 AM
I'll go you one further. What if there is only ONE computer, and this computer EITHER always tells the truth or always lies. what can you ask then?
[hide]If I asked you which door was the correct one, what would you say?
--this works because you ask them about their answer to a hypothetical previous question, causing the truth teller to tell the truth twice, or the liar to lie twice (i.e. reverse his lie) therefore you always get the truth[/hide]

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