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The Paradox Riddle
posted by fritos5 - June 06 2011 11:40:06 PM
Who Am I?
For I am greater than the God of Abraham,
more capable of evil than that of the Devil himself.
The poor are bountiful in me,
but it is I the rich lacketh.
The more you have of me,
the less you'll actually get.
It is I that all matter once came from,
but seeketh not, for I do nor can exist.
I cannot be found, yet beware, for whoever consumeth me, thine fate shall be sealed in inevitable death.
Who am I?
Reply by Caprico - June 07 2011 06:08:23 AM
You are Nothing/No one.

Reply by 21eyes - June 09 2011 09:51:07 AM
Why are there so many of these nothing riddles?

Reply by Kiola123 - June 11 2011 07:34:56 PM

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