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The next step
posted by VinceAuric - June 03 2012 03:28:11 AM
A family planned to migrate to one country to another country and decided not leave anything behind but their house. They brought all their appliances even the cars. When the plane took off, minutes later the overloaded sign flashed. They only have time for one thing to throw out before they crash. Should be heavier than a car.

What should they discard?
Reply by chilidog - June 03 2012 07:54:10 PM
Is it the country the family came from?

Reply by VinceAuric - June 03 2012 10:43:02 PM
Try again.

Clue: its an appliance

Reply by Boiler - June 16 2012 03:04:52 PM
um..... how about all the cars? *bangs head against the wall*

Reply by VinceAuric - June 19 2012 03:49:06 AM
try again!

clue: think about the title..

Reply by Holast - August 24 2012 11:38:02 AM
[hide]a Truck?[/hide]

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