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The New Weapon
posted by Kiola123 - June 11 2011 07:30:45 PM
There was a weapon inventor that had just invented a weapon. It was a bomb that explodes when something sharp touches it.

He then had a party to celebrate for his new invention. He invited exactly 500 guests, and 4 entertainers:
A juggler, a magician, an opera singer, and a gymnast.

Suddenly the bomb blew up in the middle of the party and everybody died.

What happened?
Reply by Ragib - June 12 2011 08:26:56 AM
glass broke when opera singer glasses.

Reply by Caprico - June 12 2011 11:05:16 AM
Please, don't say she "screamed", please say she sang a high note! Its quite insulting to say, the opera singer "screamed"!

Reply by Kiola123 - June 12 2011 04:03:44 PM
Lol correct

Reply by Ragib - June 12 2011 08:15:45 PM
opera singers actually scream more than they sing(i don't understand any of the words they sing).it looks like they are always upto breaking glasses.

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