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The Missing Llama
posted by Sifat - January 28 2011 11:21:36 PM
Agent Llearson got a call from a frantic farmer early in the morning. One of his prize llamas had disappeared while he was waiting by an expectant llama. Apparently, the farmer had done nothing but stay by the llama for days, as the birth could occur at any time. However, he still needed to feed the other llamas, so while quickly stocking their hay, the farmer noticed one of his favorite llamas was missing. And recently too, judging by the fact the other llamas were still hanging around the gate, a place they normally avoided. The farmer wanted Agent Llearson to come over right away to investigate. Llearson agreed, hung up the phone, and grabbed the keys to the car.

Just outside the llama farm, Agent Llearson saw a van parked by the gate. The person inside saw him and climbed out with a nervous smile. Llearson greeted the man and asked him what he was doing there. The man identified himself as a llama expert, and said he had come to the farm to help with the new birth.

Llearson nodded and said "It must be very hard work being such an expert on llamas."

"Oh yes," said the man, "Sometimes there are so many llama kids being born, I find myself very tired from all that strenuous work, and go to sleep as soon as I get home."

"Well, I'm afraid you won't be going anywhere tonight except jail if you don't return the llama you stole from that frantic farmer right now, Mr. Expert." said Llearson with a faint smile on his face.

How did Agent Llearson know the man's reason for being there was false? And how did Agent Llearson know the man actually took the llama?
Reply by Caprico - January 29 2011 01:45:03 AM
Does one need to have some GK on Llamas to answer this?

Reply by Caprico - January 29 2011 01:47:00 AM
I just know that Llamas give birth within half an hour, and usually between 8:00 to noon... Or does the answer have something to do with the suspect"s sentence?

Reply by Sifat - January 29 2011 01:47:43 AM
Yes. Somewhat little. But let me tell u, there are three reasons. U amy try giving one or two if u want.

Reply by Sifat - January 29 2011 10:19:41 AM
Your assumptions are right. Try once more(if u want) and i will tell the righty answer

Reply by blitzkin - February 15 2011 05:27:20 PM
The stranger cannot predict that there was an expectant llama unless hes keeping an eye at farmer's llama maybe for days. And llama can only give birth one at a time, and very rare to have a twin...


Reply by Boiler - June 26 2012 07:56:11 PM
A llama doesn't have a "kid", a goat does. A llama has a "cria" (sp?) So, Agent Learson immediately suspected him, supposing he was somewhat familiar with livestock terms

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