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The Lunch time Murder CASE
posted by Rashly11 - November 21 2011 09:35:05 PM
Lunch time.... there was a maid named Tera then Sakura , Allen, Brandon, Armand and their mother Madona..

Tera prepared everything Plate, Spoon and Pork and a glass of water on each.
Brandon: hey Tera where did you go last night???
Tera snob Brandon then left to get the pitcher
Allen get some rice on his own then after that Sakura go next but then Arman throw a snake toy to Sakura.. Oh My God Snake!!!! she dropped her plate and the scoop. the maid arrived then decide to get a new plate for Sakura and everything.. their mother get his own rice and for everyone.

Sakura: Armand don't do it again it's not a good joke!!!

Armand: ahahaha but it's fun right Brandon???

Brandon: yes ahahahaha what do you think Allen and mother???

Madona: don't talk while eating

then suddenly after done eating Allen died how?? and who??

Allen comes next to Sakura then Armand, Brandon and their mother.


Tera: I don't have any reason to kill my master.

Sakura: I'm shocked you know how police???.

Brandon: who killed my brother??? where is the poison???

Armand: Oh my how??

Madona: who killed my favorite son police???

who is the killer and how???
Reply by pinguhash - January 04 2012 05:56:36 AM

Reply by Hanbin919 - March 11 2012 10:43:04 PM
Brandon XD

Reply by Rashly11 - April 01 2012 07:03:22 AM
He is the only one who knows the poison

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