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The lesson
posted by KirbyKnight - September 19 2011 08:08:18 PM
Every day Dom goes to a market to sell salt and flour. Every day he crosses a creek. He always brings his donkey to carry the sacks of flour and salt. One day the donkey jumped into the creek to cool off. After the donkey got out, the load lighten. The donkey was smart and he continued to do this every day. Dom was furious and wanted to teach the donkey to keep away from the creek.

How can he teach the donkey a lesson without harming it?
Reply by 21eyes - September 20 2011 08:45:29 AM
he puts something on the donkey that makes the weight grow rather than shrink, possibly towels or something.

Reply by KirbyKnight - September 20 2011 06:11:02 PM
half right

clue: A cleaning tool with holes

Reply by Caprico - September 22 2011 11:37:56 AM
He fills the sacks with either cotton (or sponge (as per your hint)).

Reply by KirbyKnight - September 22 2011 06:10:57 PM

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