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The green house
posted by Drakelar - December 19 2010 02:59:14 PM
Red houses are made of red bricks, blue houses are made of blue brick, then what is a green house made of?
Reply by Riddlemaker - December 20 2010 02:14:37 PM

Reply by Drakelar - December 22 2010 02:30:45 PM
No your wrong

Reply by Riddlemaker - December 27 2010 10:53:24 AM

Reply by Caprico - December 31 2010 04:40:53 AM

Reply by Riddlemaker - January 03 2011 05:52:42 PM
Wait, how is it glass? Can someone please tell me the answer and the solution?

Reply by Sifat - January 12 2011 07:03:07 AM
Glass is the answer...Because the real green house in this world is made of glass.....

Reply by Drakelar - March 11 2011 02:32:01 AM
It is glass because green houses are made of glass to protect the plants or something

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