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The game show
posted by Drakelar - June 22 2011 12:32:13 AM
You are on a game show and you have a chance to win a car. There are three doors. Two contain goats while the one contains a car. You choose a door and the host opens up another door to reveal a goat (the host knows where the car is). After he shows you a goat, he gives you one last chance to change what door you want to select. Should you stick with the door you picked or switch your door? Also what is the probability of getting the car for your answer?
Reply by 21eyes - June 22 2011 07:05:34 AM
1st part is yes
and I think it is 50%

Reply by Caprico - June 23 2011 09:41:48 PM
Yes, you should switch. The probability is 2/3. (Classic Monty Hall Paradox)

Reply by theboss - October 11 2013 06:31:14 AM
No. goat or car I'm good with both. goats give cheese and milk, also a pet or friend, and can also be a source of food and energy.

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