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The Egypt ruler
posted by Riddlemaker - November 12 2010 11:52:30 AM
There once in Egypt, a mean, nasty ruler. It was a sphinx this sphinx was good in riddles He would always whip people in the back if they don't do the thing that he told them to do. One day, a man said to the ruler if the ruler could let them go, and do what they wanted to do. The ruler said if one of the person can answer his riddle, he would let all of them go.
So then, the ruler asked a riddle. It was this:
In the morning I have four legs, the afternoon, I have two legs, and in the night, I have three legs. What am I?
Eventually, all of the people didn't answer, but this little runt said the answer, and the ruler let them go. What was the answer?
Reply by riddler - November 13 2010 03:36:57 AM

Reply by 1000ft - November 13 2010 03:37:38 AM

Reply by Drakelar - December 07 2010 02:29:07 AM
Ur mum

Reply by Drakelar - December 07 2010 02:29:17 AM

Reply by Riddlemaker - December 27 2010 11:00:24 AM
No, Drakelar. It's humans. When ur a baby, u crawl on 4 feets, when ur a person, u walk on 2 feets, and when ur elder, u walk on both feet and walk with a cane. Ha!! Take that, Drakelar!

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