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The Day the Music Died
posted by RonyH - June 29 2011 03:29:57 PM
The music stopped and the man died. He was pursuing his profession at the time but he was not an opera singer. What was he? [Note: for answering this riddle, it is not important to state why the music stopped.]
Reply by TheRiddler - July 01 2011 11:43:36 AM
He was a circus tight-rope walker who walked blindfolded over a high wire. The music played as he crossed and when the music stopped it was the signal that he had reached the end of the walk and could safely alight. But this time the music stopped earlier and he stepped off to his death.

Reply by RonyH - July 01 2011 02:03:34 PM
You got it, TheRiddler. I wonder if we can come up with a way to improve this riddle so that people don't get hung up on why the music stopped. Maybe include some random reason for the music stopping in the riddle?

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