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The Clock
posted by Keyboard - May 08 2012 03:41:35 AM
Mr. Numpad and RiddleLock was trapped in a room with only a digital clock in front of them(No wonder how they get n). A speaker from nowhere told them that they can get out only if they solved the "Clock Riddle". Here it is: The clock will beep every time it reads 3 consecutive same number(e.g. 01:11). How many beeps will the clock do 2 days from now? The clock reads 12:00am.
Reply by Caprico - May 24 2012 06:11:49 AM
Since you say 12:00 AM, I assume its in 12 hour format.It will beep at:
[hide]12:22 AM
01:11 AM
02:22 AM
03:33 AM
04:44 AM
05:55 AM
10:00 AM
11:10 AM
11:11 AM
12:22 PM
01:11 PM
02:22 PM
03:33 PM
04:44 PM
05:55 PM
10:00 PM
11:10 PM
11:11 PM
That is a total of 18 beeps in one day, so my answer is 36. :)

Reply by Boiler - June 17 2012 08:22:40 PM
Or, if taken literally, zero. In 2 days, it'll still read 12:00 A.M., so it won't "do any beeps" at that time. Otherwise if this isn't a wordplay problem, i'd agree with Caprico

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