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The Choice.
posted by pinguhash - May 29 2011 07:54:42 PM
There was a wealthy man. He had a son who was just a careless kid, as useless as nothing could be. The man also had a servant who was really caring. The man's time came and he was about to die. In his will he told his son that -
"Out of my 5 house or 6 cars
or my bank balance or my 2 industries or my other belongings you can pick only 1 item i.e. only 1 car or 1 house, likewise. and rest will go to my servant"
What his son can pick so that he can be the owner of everything?
Reply by Ragib - May 30 2011 01:22:37 AM
his servant

Reply by pinguhash - May 30 2011 07:39:10 AM
That's correct

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