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The Camel Riddle
posted by Sifat - September 25 2009 03:58:09 AM
A sheik announced that a race would decide which of his two sons would inherit all his wealth. The sons were to ride their camels to a certain distant city. The son whose camel reached the city last would be given all the sheik's wealth.

The two sons set out on the journey. After severals days of aimless wandering, they met and agreed to seek the advice of a wiseman. After listening to the wiseman's advice, the two sons rode the camels as quickly as possible to the designated city.

What was it that the wiseman told the two sons? They did not agree to split the wealth, and their father's decree would be followed.
Reply by JoseNaveen - October 05 2010 08:22:55 AM
The wiseman told them to switch their horses..

Reply by tonkkaboy - February 09 2011 08:55:52 PM
that is not what the wiseman told them

Reply by skullbox - October 13 2011 01:40:24 PM
told them 2 interchange their camels

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