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The bus driver
posted by Riddlemaker - September 13 2011 08:19:41 PM
There was a busderiver. He ignored the red light, the stop sign, etc, and he wasn't arrested. Why?
Reply by ankitghosh - September 16 2011 07:02:46 AM
he breaks the signal when he is not driving the bus

Reply by tkchua - September 24 2011 07:29:36 AM
He was not driving a bus at that moment!He could be just walking around.

Reply by libradawg - October 27 2011 12:00:25 PM
A- What they said, he wasn't driving the bus.
B- On a lesser level, the cops could be ignoring him just the same.
C- None of these moving violations are punishable by arrest, but by ticket; assuming he's sober.
D- Nobody whose occupation is to Derive Buses needs to know the rules of driving; just deriving. :-)

Reply by Riddlemaker - December 03 2011 06:45:35 PM
lol, libradawg. And tkchua is correct! Libradawg is correct on A, though. :)

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