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The Acrobat's Money
posted by AllisonChow - October 30 2011 10:50:21 AM
Ashley was a famous acrobat. Ashley signed a will that said when Ashley dies, all Ashley's money would go to Ashley's closest living relative. One day Ashley did die and they had a case at court to see who would keep the money. A man named Bob said,"I am Ashley's grandson." Then a woman named Sue said,"I am Ashley's niece and Bob's grandmother is not Ashley." They are both telling the truth. who gets to keep the money?
Reply by Boiler - November 01 2011 04:59:45 PM
Sue does. She is Ashley's daughter. Bob is Ashley's grandson. Ashley was the name of both his grandfather, and his grandmother.

Reply by Boiler - November 01 2011 05:01:29 PM
Or Bob, depending on the relationship between Sue and the female Ashley.

Reply by theboss - October 11 2013 05:51:54 AM
Ashley remains the holder. she died not dies. plural. i win.

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