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That was close
posted by RonyH - June 30 2011 11:25:43 AM
A man from sub-Saharan Africa is visiting his American cousin in North Dakota. Unfamiliar with local customs, he foolishly crosses a country road with looking left or right. As it happens, all the streetlights on that road are not working. And to make matters worse, the car rushing down the road has broken headlights. If that's not bad enough, the man is dressed entirely in black. Since it's cold, he has wrapped himself in a black scarf and has a black hat pulled down over his head. The little skin he is showing is dark as well. He is oblivious to the oncoming car until that car's driver screeches to a halt 10 inches before hitting the visitor. How did the driver manage see the man?
Reply by Caprico - June 30 2011 11:30:17 PM
It is daytime...

Reply by RonyH - July 01 2011 02:00:42 PM
Nice job, Caprico.

Reply by Caprico - July 02 2011 12:05:54 AM
I have posted a similar riddle previously... :)

Reply by Riddlemaker - July 13 2011 05:25:52 AM
I posted the same riddle...

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