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posted by Ragib - April 14 2011 05:54:35 AM
there was a boy called sukhmeet.he read in pine grove school,guru nanak public school and engineering day he went to a one story home.he saw that every thing there was green.he asked the caretaker what is the colour of stairs.caretaker smiled and told him to use engineering brain.he found out the colour quite soon.what was it?
N.b-it is a famous riddle.but i have another motive.
Reply by Caprico - April 14 2011 08:47:33 AM
1) If its a one-storey house, where did the stairs come from?
2) IF everything was green, he's probably standing in a green-house, which makes everything colorless (made of glass) ...

Am I right???

Reply by Ragib - April 14 2011 09:51:33 AM
the first answer is right.but my motive went astray:€

Reply by Caprico - April 15 2011 05:21:54 AM
:D Sorry, but what was your motive?

Reply by Ragib - April 15 2011 10:50:01 AM
a lill secret.

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