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posted by VinceAuric - April 17 2012 12:52:18 AM
Im new here. Fan of Sifat, 21 eyes, budunk and and others. here my own riddle.

in three steps, how can you put an elephant inside a refrigerator?

next in four steps, how can you put a girrafe inside the refrigerator?
Reply by budunk - April 18 2012 02:15:53 PM

1) Open the refrigerator door.
2) Put the elephant inside the refrigerator.
3) Close the refrigerator door.

1) Open the refrigerator door.
2) Take out the elephant.
3) Put in the girrafe.
4) Close the door.



Reply by VinceAuric - April 21 2012 02:05:27 AM
nice one!

Reply by Holast - August 24 2012 12:04:38 PM
How can you put 4 eliphants in a car? :D

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