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Sound's good
posted by Mucktachu - December 01 2012 03:03:39 PM
I cannot speak without hearing, nor hear without speaking.
Reply by chilidog - December 01 2012 09:17:09 PM
Forever alone? You wouldn't be able to hear anything except your own voice if you are alone. I think the first part occurs even if someone else is around, but this other person must never talk and you must not be deaf.

Reply by Mucktachu - December 02 2012 11:06:37 AM
no, sorry...the answer is a bit less depressing ;) haha

Reply by Jetleo - December 05 2012 08:02:04 AM
Umm...the tree in the forest that no one is around.

Reply by Mucktachu - December 05 2012 01:51:40 PM
HAHAHA hilarious, but alas not the answer...props to you for making me laugh though :D

Reply by papertownperson - December 05 2012 10:24:27 PM
Is it simply an echo
the echo can not "speak" without hearing someone first and you cant hear it without it "speaking"

Reply by Mucktachu - December 06 2012 02:04:31 PM
well done! :)

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