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so hot!
posted by Ragib - April 12 2011 12:50:42 PM
it was very hot in the usa.but barack obama was sleeping covering himself with a blanket.he was not in an ac room,not suffering 4m fever.then why did he do this?
Reply by budunk - April 12 2011 03:10:20 PM
Maybe Obama was in another country that is colder at the time.

Reply by Ragib - April 12 2011 10:03:11 PM
which country?there are many.specify a region.

Reply by Sifat - April 13 2011 04:37:41 AM
It was colder in usa..But Barack Obama was in another country at that time. Not in USA. Is that right?

Reply by budunk - April 13 2011 08:40:49 AM
Somewhere in the southern hemisphere.

Reply by Ragib - April 13 2011 08:58:45 AM
ya.may be in australia.

Reply by Riddlemaker - September 13 2011 07:15:03 PM
India??? Dunno.

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