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Russian spy and german border
posted by orchlon - August 26 2013 09:25:20 AM
A russian spy is required to go through a german border. He was observing people when a german tried to cross the border and the security guard said 8 and he replied 4 and entered. Another person came and the guard said 18 and he replied 9 and entered. Now the russian spy comes up and the guard says 100. What does the russian spy need to say.
Reply by pinguhash - August 29 2013 05:21:33 AM
50. But since the usual answers are always wrong this may be wrong.

Reply by theboss - October 08 2013 06:36:31 AM
Just ignore him or be ignorant, the other person said nine like hitler, the other said for? And ignored him and entered.

Reply by Thoperno - November 19 2013 05:02:02 PM

Reply by Thoperno - November 19 2013 05:04:05 PM
No wait i'm not sure.

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