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Riddles from the mind of a lethargic loony!
posted by Omigus - March 31 2014 01:22:03 AM
Here is the riddle
“In the Sands of time, my vicious riddle lay
Each grain its time, to flaunt across the stage
And as with each, a moment in the past affects
One sand a time, the next reflects the last.
In truth and jest, each moment dearly holds
Each sand to count, each man to count his own.
What am I?”

Excerpt From: by Johnny Reyes Velazquez. “Riddles From the Mind of a Lethargic Loony!.” Blurb. iBooks.
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I am the copyright owner its a small ebook of riddles and hdr imagery. It's the first riddle in the book and my favorite. There are no answer keys in the book and i want to see what answers people come up with on here. Thanks for your time in solving . You can look up the book name to buy the book. It will be on apple iBooks soon and amazon once i work out the different format.
Reply by SBS7316U - April 25 2014 04:32:06 PM
Hour Glass

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