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riddle bucks questionairre
posted by Boiler - December 13 2011 08:15:21 PM
so, let's say someone has solved several riddles.

then, let's say said person has posted a few himself.

SO, riddle me this.... how does this person gain riddle bucks? not that he's concerned about it, the solving and the asking is reward in itself.... just wondering how the whole setup works out
Reply by Caprico - December 14 2011 05:13:16 AM
You get no Riddle Bucks for SOLVING, only for POSTING worthwhile good riddles... A system I highly disagree with, but nevertheless, this is how it works...

Reply by Ragib - January 01 2012 06:14:47 AM
If there were riddle bucks for solving riddles,caprico would have been a billioneer.and the site would have more intelligent riddlers.

Reply by Riddlemaker - January 02 2012 12:03:43 PM

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