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Red wine, water and oil
posted by tkchua - September 10 2011 01:30:57 AM
Three glasses each contains red wine, plain water and oil,all three glasses are of same size and filled to the same level. without touching or moving any of the glasses, how to differentiate them correctly? You can only LOOK at it and no other tricks allowed.
Reply by Caprico - September 11 2011 07:09:16 AM
Umm, it seems so obvious, don't know if it can be so easy... red wine's going to be red, water is going to be colourless, and oil will be yellowish (or it will have that particular smell)...

Reply by tkchua - September 24 2011 07:33:33 AM
There are all colourless and no smell of anything. You can't tell the difference by the look.

Reply by DaeKaMagUtek - October 05 2011 09:21:40 PM

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