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Real answer to the Missing Dollar
posted by sgturuchurtu - December 11 2011 05:24:16 PM
The beauty of mathematics is that all things add up in the end, or so we have been lead to believe. In the case of the missing dollar, the fact of the matter is that it doesn't add up. If can be solved mathematically one way, it should also be possible another way. The fact that it doesn't proves that this is an example of a flaw in modern mathematics. I can already hear the crying and arguing but give me a concrete answer on why it does not add up. Not some excuse like misdirection. Not everyone is that foolish to believe that lame answer. Don't just get some old man with a diploma hanging on his wall trying his damnedest to convince myself and others that the world is flat. I want rock solid indisputable evidence. But maybe I'm asking too much? HaHa.
Reply by Boiler - December 12 2011 07:28:36 PM
It's a statistical can be solved one way, but, following the rules of the riddle, it's impossible. Try dividing the money each man used BEFORE the tip, then add that's crazy, but this DOES work

Reply by heyhoo - December 15 2011 12:42:41 PM
There is no flaw in mathematics. There is two ways of thinking:

they paid 30$, the bill is 25$ and there is 5$ change:

30$ (paid by guests) = 25$(bill) + 2$(kept by bellhop) + 3$(returned to guests)

And there's a sencond way, which is: they paid 27$ for a bill of 25$ and the bellhop kept the change:

27$ = 25$ + 2$

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