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pulley balace
posted by logic - January 25 2011 04:27:40 AM
. There are 3 people on a tower which may collapse due to fire. King(78 kg),Queen(42kg) and Prince(36kg).There is a pulley on the tower with baskets tied to it on both the sides of rope around the pulley. There is a 30kg stone in
one of the baskets. There can be two persons or a person and a stone or a person or a stone in the baskets keeping in mind that the weight difference is not more than 6kg else rope would break. You have to bring all the three on ground safely.
Reply by Caprico - January 25 2011 09:52:30 AM
Prince goes down alone. Then Queen and stone in one basket, and king in other, King will reach down. Remove stone, and Prince climbs in. in one, Queen in other. Queen will reach down, Prince will go up. Now stone in one basket, Prince in other, Prince will reach down. :)

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