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Prologue of the insane killer
posted by 21eyes - March 30 2011 10:25:34 AM
AS mentioned in the Curse you Budunk riddle, there was a riddle that Budunk got right before the killer told him that riddle about how he would like to die. The killer decided to give him 13 sticks, and told him to make nine, without removing/destroying/etc any. How does Budunk do it.
Reply by budunk - March 30 2011 12:57:34 PM
You could arrange the sticks to write out the number nine...

Reply by budunk - March 30 2011 12:57:51 PM
that seems too easy there another answer?

Reply by 21eyes - March 31 2011 06:39:54 AM
nope, the the killer sucks at riddles

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