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posted by Ragib - April 28 2011 01:14:48 PM
there are many piranha fishes in amazon a piranha inhabited area,a man fell in the river.why didn't he die then?
Reply by Caprico - April 30 2011 03:04:08 AM
Because contrary to belief, piranhas usually wouldn't attack a live human except under dire circumstances. So he can swim to the nearest shore quite safely.

Reply by Ragib - April 30 2011 05:14:59 AM
piranhas even eat themselves.the man wasn't near the shore.think little differently.

Reply by Caprico - May 01 2011 07:25:27 AM
Yes, they would, but they wouldn't eat humans. They're like vultures, they feed on the dead.

Reply by Caprico - May 01 2011 07:25:37 AM
Wait, was the man already dead?

Reply by Ragib - May 01 2011 10:07:15 PM are right.he was dead already.caprico,are you losing your touch?you used to answer questions correctly on first attempt earlier.

Reply by Caprico - May 02 2011 01:50:06 AM
I know... Actually you used to post daily, and I used to visit daily, so like, I got used to your style... Now with studies and all, mind's stopped working... :P So keep posting, and I'll have my touch back in no time!

Reply by Caprico - May 02 2011 01:51:59 AM
I am starting to get accustomed to 21eyes' What Am I riddles... Check my answers out!

Reply by Ragib - May 05 2011 07:56:31 AM
my ever lasting exams are hindering my availability at bigriddles forum.but i will definitely be back with bang when my exams will be over.again,in my country,internet is not very cheap.that also creates some problems.

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