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posted by Tesseract42 - November 01 2013 03:37:22 PM
You have two jars of pills, A and B. You must take exactly one of each every day and if you don't, you will die. One day, you try to take one A pill from Jar A and one B pill from Jar B, but you accidentally take two of each instead of just one. You look in your hand and see four pills, and you have no idea which is which, but you know there are two A pills and two B pills. The pills look exactly identical. They are also very expensive, so they cannot be wasted. How can you not waste any pills and also take the correct number of each?
Reply by chilidog - November 03 2013 11:25:07 AM
Cut each pill straight in half. Then you will have 2 groups of pills of the correct amount. Take one group and save the other group for tomorrow.

Reply by Tesseract42 - December 05 2013 02:32:14 PM
Ding ding ding!

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